Follow up to post “I love Farmers, they feed my soul”

I just wanted to share a few thoughts about the link I shared below, now that I have a little more time.  I think the goals of this group are fantastic! They want to make resources and data easily accessible to all age groups of US food consumers (which is everyone!). They realize the importance of farmers and the hard work involved (see my post on this). A few parts of their page I found particularly great (so check them out!):

The About Ag section: discusses their objectives and mission

The Meat Myths link on the left column

IBM’s Connection to Ag (also found here). My dad works for IBM, which I found personally cool because I didn’t think our career choices were very relevant. But also to all my vegetarian friends–I found it especially surprising (given the way the media seems to put things out there) that the majority of the foods recalled in the US because of food borne disease and pathogens are not meat, but vegetables. I’m not putting down veggies, they are just as important to your diet as all the other food groups. Honestly I just expected it to be a closer race between meat products and vegetables/vegetable products (like my favorite peanut butter). Huh. The things we learn.

Anyhow, enjoy exploring the I love Farmers website for yourself. Even if you are not a crazy Foodie or Aggie, it’s so well-organized and such an “easy-read” that surely you will find something you are glad you learned.


About Farm the Start

I grew up in cities from North Carolina all the way to Asia, but never really interacted with farm animals or farmers until I began college at Virginia Tech as an Animal & Poultry Sciences Major. I thought I would become a vet for puppies and kitties. Little did I know what I would learn and the love I'd find for the lifestyle, practices, people and animals involved in food production.

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