Review: WeightWatchers’ “Growth Hormones in Beef and Milk”

WeightWatchers has recently put out a great article named “Growth Hormones in Beef and Milk”. It defines all the buzz words used in the media about milk and beef such as “No added growth hormones”, “natural”, and “organic”. Additionally, it goes into great depth about the most up-to-date studies and statistics that theUS has concerning steroids, hormones, growth additives, and antibiotic resistance through food products.

If you have any interest or concern with the way chemicals, hormones, and steroids are used in your food, this is a very informative and unbiased article. It covers the concerns and arguments of both parties, and backs each up with scientific facts and data. So far, there is no scientific data to prove that organic or ‘natural’ food is any healthier than conventionally raised milk and beef. However, it also does not eliminate the possibility that we won’t find health issues later as more research is done.

Ultimately, making big choices such as these are individual decisions. Farmers are under a lot of pressure to provide more meat/milk on fewer resources. It is important to understand that unless research proves hormones and antibiotics to be dangerous to humans, there is no concrete reason to change our entire agricultural system. That would mean higher prices on all food, and limited availability. Our nation has strived since its beginning to provide a high standard of living for all its residents, and that includes plentiful food. Imagine what a different placeAmericawould be if you could not guarantee chocolate milk to your kids or steak for your cookout. I think right now the compromise is, “Let’s provide more options so everyone can find something they are comfortable with, and continue the majority of our production conventionally as long as science supports that it is safe”. On the flip side, as the article also discusses, many people will argue “Why take a risk? Just because you haven’t proven the Earth is round, doesn’t mean it isn’t”.

While I personally have a scientific mind and support all choices (conventional, organic, grass-finished, whatever floats your boat) & believe that all our present food sources are safe to consume (there are SO many tests done to ensure that we are not poisoning ourselves), I do think it is important to continue research on the effects of using chemicals, hormones, steroids, etc. And of course, I highly recommend reading this article thoroughly before your next grocery visit. Whatever your decision, at least be educated and confident in your choice.  🙂


About Farm the Start

I grew up in cities from North Carolina all the way to Asia, but never really interacted with farm animals or farmers until I began college at Virginia Tech as an Animal & Poultry Sciences Major. I thought I would become a vet for puppies and kitties. Little did I know what I would learn and the love I'd find for the lifestyle, practices, people and animals involved in food production.

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