My blog needs a makeover. Maybe even facial reconstruction surgery.

I’ve been doing some research about successful blogging. And what I’ve discovered is, I think I started really strong. I have a great starting point…a passion…and a decent hand at colorful writing. And now looking back, with a few posts omitted, my blogging has become incredibly lazy. And it shows.

Somewhere along the line, I got really wrapped up in sharing facts. statistics. and lots of other things that I hated in school, now find somewhat interesting to read about agriculture cuz I breathe this stuff, but certainly can’t imagine why anyone else would find it interesting. My own family members turn glazey-eyed at the latest facts. But I began writing this blog to share experience, not facts. Stories. Fun little items. A little agriculture-shock humor. The struggles in trying to enter a working world and living culture that you were not born into. Learned practices and the strange truths about them. And maybe those struggles overwhelmed the creativity out of me for a while. Maybe its just my mix of agricultural life and my “old” life that makes things difficult. I have LOTS of hobbies and interests. And some weeks I just simply don’t do much in the world of Ag. But I’ve learned plenty over the past 4 years to have more stories than I’ve shared.

So, I’ll keep researching how to improve. One way is this thing wordpress calls “Post A Week 2011” challenge. Essentially, you challenge yourself to post at least once a week. Doesn’t sound hard, but so far I haven’t succeeded very well. But I have hope, and I hope you have it for me as well.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way. Comments happen all the time on facebook, but not so much on blogs. Follow me. The more “stalkers” I see that I have, the more my confidence grows and the more I feel like I better do a good job. Ask questions. Not all this stuff makes sense. But even if you think I’m full of poop and you vehemently disagree with everything I have to say, let me know! It could get interesting.

Maybe you could help me get started on next week’s blog. What Agricultural topic would you want to read about next? Pigs? Sheep? Tractors? Cows? Babies? Artificial insemination? Semen collection? Cow pies?


About Farm the Start

I grew up in cities from North Carolina all the way to Asia, but never really interacted with farm animals or farmers until I began college at Virginia Tech as an Animal & Poultry Sciences Major. I thought I would become a vet for puppies and kitties. Little did I know what I would learn and the love I'd find for the lifestyle, practices, people and animals involved in food production.

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  1. Personal stories build trust and good communication. Good information is important, but a creative and interesting post has a “personal flare” to it!

    I’d like to see you blog about how your personal perspective has changed after spending a good period of time working in agriculture. I know that after spending 14 and a 1/2 years working at a cattle feed yard that my perspective of cattle care and beef production is very different today than it was prior to 1997 when I did not have a good understanding of “where my beef came from”…Do you view agriculture the same? Do you view your food the same? Have you changed your eating habits? I am a firm believer that where you came from blended with where you are today makes you the person that you will be tomorrow—how has your unique experience changed you as a person? How can you share that with others to give them trust and faith in the food supply?

    Good luck!

    • It is important to throw in facts, but you are right. I knew that once, I just somehow lost my way.

      Gosh, those are great topic ideas and yet the answers for them abound in so many ways. My view is continuously reformed every day. I will do my best to take this on and see what comes out! Thanks for reading, and thanks for the tip!

  2. Great article very informative 🙂

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