Since a lot of the people I’m hoping to connect with through this blog will have no inside knowledge of livestock or agricultural practices, I will post terms and phrases here…for my fellow city-slickers 🙂

Barrow: A male castrated hog. “B” for boy.

Boar: An intact (uncastrated) male hog.

Bull: An intact adult male of the bovine species.

Calf: A young bovine.

Cattle: A collection of bovine, all genders included.

Cow: A sexually mature female bovine, usually having had at least one calf.

Ewe: Female sheep.

Flight Zone: area of a cow that essentially equates to a space bubble. If a person walks into the space bubble, the cow will move away from you. For example, if you step into this bubble near the back left leg, the cow will move forward and to the right. To move a cow backwards, you approach it from a head-on angle, etc.

Gilt: A female hog, usually young, or has not yet had a litter. “G” for girl.

Heifer: A young female of the bovine species, either has not been bred or has not had a calf.

Hog: An adult in the swine species

Lamb: Young sheep. You can further specify by saying “ram lamb” or “ewe lamb”

Pig: A young hog.

Ram: An uncastrated adult male sheep.

Sow: An adult female that has had a litter.

Steer: A castrated male bovine.

Wether: Male castrated sheep.

Withdrawal Times: The period of time it takes for a certain drug or medication to leave the body and system of an animal.  These withdrawal periods must be observed before an animal enters America’s food chain, to ensure no human ingests the drug. These withdrawal times are  determined and regulated through companies such as the USDA, and can usually be found on the medication label.


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