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Happy Ag Week!!

This is Agriculture week, with National Ag Day on Thursday, March 8th. In honor of such a week, I thought I’d post about some of the reasons I appreciate agriculture. Feel free to comment below with your own reasons–there are more than you think! If you need more inspiration, you can read this amazing blog about what your life would look like sans agriculturalists.

Monday: I am thankful for cotton farmers. Without which, I would not have cozy sheets to sleep in (and dread having to get out of on Monday mornings)

Plain, but these sheets are SOOO difficult to leave on a cold Monday morning.

Tuesday: I appreciate Agriculturalists for their soft-spoken, polite demeanor. Even though I only seem to encounter them when they are making a deposit at my bank, they always seem to say “ma’am” and “please”, and it’s nice to see a section of America that hasn’t forgotten to bring their manners with them when they leave the house.

Wednesday: Today I am thankful for farmers and ranchers who work long, hard hours even when the weather is gruelling, horrific, and even dangerous. Today is 70 and sunny, but many put in 10-12 hour days even in rain, floods, snow, tornado watches, hurricane-force winds, and hail. And that’s not something to be overlooked about their daily responsibilities



Update 3.9.2012


Thursday: I am thankful for dairy farmers, who wake up somewhere between 3-4am for the first round of milking every day. That’s early even for farmers! But today, it allowed the wonderful whipped cream to be put on top of my free birthday Starbucks giant Java Chip Frappachino, and that was a decadent treat I would never have enjoyed without someone losing sleep on my account.

Friday: I am thankful for all people involved in agriculture, including the ones at slaughter plants. Their job may not be uplifting or glorious, but they work hard to make sure my food is killed in a peaceful manner and ends up as a safe product for me and my family to eat.